La Croisette, Cannes, France

Perhaps the most famous promenade. Here is the Festival Palace of the most important film festival in the world – Cannes. Next to it is the Old Port, where cruise liners and yachts of movie stars, millionaires and oligarchs moor. The length of the embankment is 2.8 kilometres. The main attractions are the Carlton Hotel and the Palm Beach Casino. Well, and, of course, the beaches. Those that belong to luxury hotels, closed, but there are also public. On the embankment, there are blue chairs everywhere, on which it is so pleasant to sit, looking at the sea and the nearby Lewinsky Islands. Until the middle of the XIX century, a country road passed here, which was part of the pilgrim “Path of the Small Cross” (Croisette translated from French means “small cross”).

English Embankment, Nice, France

The English Quay of Nice (aka Promenade des Anglais) in terms of glamour is the main competitor of Croisette Boulevard, which was even built according to its model. As well as on the Croisette, there are many luxury hotels, restaurants, shops and beaches. True, it is twice as long as the Cannes Promenade. Its main decorations are the hotels “Negresco”, “Meridien”, “Weltmeister”. The embankment starts at Nice Airport, named Cote d’Azur, and ends at the foot of the Castle Hill, on top of which are several viewing platforms, offering stunning views of the embankment and the Bay of Angels. You can climb there by the stairs Lezazh, starting near the building of the hotel “Swiss”.

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The most famous embankment of the New World. Although, actually, Copacabana is the central beach of Rio de Janeiro, and the 4-kilometre embankment that runs along the largest city beach in the world is called Avenida Atlantic. The main decoration of the embankment is sand sculptures, which are constantly updated by local artists. Masquerades, fireworks and other folk festivals are also attributes of Copacabana, the main of which is the mass meeting of the New Year. Copacabana also often becomes the largest concert venue in Brazil. Here, right on the beach, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Rod Stewart and many others performed in front of a multimillion audience.

Malecon, Havana, Cuba

“Malecon” in Spanish means simply “embankment”. But this word has long been turned into a proper name in Havana. At one end is the Hotel Havana Riviera, and at the other is the fortress of San Salvador de la Punta. The 7-kilometre embankment of the capital of Cuba was created as a defence against giant waves, which reach a height of ten meters during the storm, and eventually became a cult place for local youth and tourists. The main party centre on Malecon is the area where the embankment intersects with 23rd street (La Rampa), next to the chic “National” hotel. The main decoration of the Malecon is the numerous colonial buildings with sometimes shabby, but even more picturesque facades of pastel shades.

Marine Drive, Mumbai, India

Mumbai Marine Drive is very similar to the Havanese Malecon. It is also popular with local youth and tourists, it is also long and just as picturesque. True, instead of shabby houses along it towering rather neat by Indian standards buildings in the style of Art Deco. Marine Drive embankment begins at the so-called “Edge of the World” – Cape Nariman Point, stretches along Back Bay, passing through the best Mumbai Chowpatti beach, past India’s Taraporevala aquarium and ends at the foot of the Malabar Hill, built with skyscrapers and mansions of rich Indians. Here, on top of Malabar Hill, is the botanical park “Hanging Gardens”, from which beautiful views of the Marin Drive and the sunset over the Arabian Sea.

Yokohama Quay, Japan

The second largest city in Japan, Yokohama is located south of Tokyo and actually merges with it. Yokohama Embankment is located on the shores of Tokyo Bay, and this is probably the only place where you can reach the seashore without the threat of being surrounded by industrial areas and warehouses. A 112-meter-wide Cosmo Clock Ferris wheel surrounded by an amusement park is installed directly on the bay. But the most remarkable thing here is the view of Yokohama Bay suspension bridge, city skyscrapers and Mount Fuji-san. Admire all these magnificence best at sunset from the roof of the passenger terminal of the port of Yokohama – Osambashi.

Tablet, Tel Aviv, Israel

The multi-kilometre strip of the city beaches of Tel Aviv in Hebrew is called Tablet. It is continuous but topographically divided into several parts. There are 16 beaches in Tel Aviv. For every taste: there are beaches for the orthodox, for swimming with dogs, a beach protected by artificial breakwaters, the Drummers’ beach, where drums are beaten on Fridays and many others … The promenade usually starts in the port of Jaffa and ends in the Old Port of Tel Aviv, on the way admiring the hotels – the masterpieces of modern architecture, snacking in numerous fish restaurants and dipping from time to time into the waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Chania Embankment, Crete, Greece

Perhaps the smallest, but at the same time the cosiest embankment in our review. Built by the Venetians of Chania, named by them Kane, it reminds first of all Venice. The same as there is a palazzo along the emerald waters, only more miniature. But, unlike Venice, the local architecture is also mixed by the Byzantine, Greek and Turkish features. So in the former Turkish mosque exhibitions are arranged, and in the Venetian docks exposed reconstructed ship of the Minoan civilization. The entire embankment is enclosed within a tiny bay, bounded at one end by a medieval fortress, and at the other – by a minaret-like lighthouse.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

The most picturesque embankment of Africa is named after Queen Victoria and her son Alfred, who personally participated in its construction in 1867. A red-and-white, almost toy clock tower, preserved from the times of the Victorian era, a miniature drawbridge, a huge Ferris wheel, an aquarium with tame penguins, four funny big-headed statues of Nobel Prize winners from South Africa, embracing tourists who take pictures of them, various gadgets of various dark-skinned South African men, embracing tourists, From here there is a stunning view of one of the main symbols of Cape Town – Table Mountain. And the embankment itself is best admired from the terraces of the Victoria Wharf shopping centre.

Hong Kong Quay, China

Hong Kong’s most famous promenade, the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, is located on the southern tip of Kowloon Peninsula, on the shore of Victoria Bay. Its main attraction is the Chinese Avenue of Stars, created in the style of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the centre – a monument to Bruce Lee, the most popular Hong Kong artist. At eight in the evening, the embankment turns into an auditorium: the lights of the skyscrapers of the opposite bank are turned on to the music, the sky is lit up with laser beams of all colours of the rainbow. The best place to watch this amazing show is next to the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

The embankment in Atlantic City, USA

The first thing that catches the eye of the Atlantic City Boardwalk – the most famous promenade in North America – is its wooden plank, resembling parquet. And then – bright, fabulous houses of the most incredible shapes and colours that house hotels, restaurants and casinos (Atlantic City is the second American gambling centre after Las Vegas). Immediately – an amusement park, an aquarium, one of America’s highest lighthouses, turned into an observation tower, a lot of magnificent (and free!) Museums and shows, well, and, stunning beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Embankment of the Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus Strait between the Black and the Sea of ​​Marmara has a length of 30 kilometres and a width of about a kilometre. The entire southern part of the Bosphorus is located within the city, forming one of the most picturesque quays of the world. Of course, it does not go along the strait as a solid line and consists of many small, landlocked sites, each with its own character and its own unique flavour. Such, for example, is the embankment at the Ortaköy Mosque, where all of Istanbul gathers to eat a baked potato according to a special recipe, or the embankment at Rumeli-Hisar fortress with many fish restaurants, promenades at the Dolmabahce and Beylerbey palaces, Jemil Topuzlu or Phindykly palaces. But it is best to admire the embankments of Istanbul from a pleasure boat during a tour of the Bosphorus.

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