Here are other rules that a person does not obey being on earth. This is a chance to feel the incredible unity and harmony with this element. Salty splashes, fresh wind, bright sun, huge sails and the boundless sea surface ahead.

There is a unique opportunity not only to sail but also to take part in a sports regatta, for example, in the Adriatic Sea. Adriatic is ideal for beginners in this sport – interesting routes here are combined with safe conditions.

United Sailing Week is the largest regatta of the Adriatic Sea, which takes place in Croatia. We have collected 9 reasons why you should definitely go there.

  • Special skills are not needed: even if you have never been on board a yacht, you can participate in races.
  • Full safety: the yacht will be managed by an experienced skipper who will not allow something to go wrong.
  • Adrenalin! Racing is incredibly exciting, and the joy of victory is very pleasant.
  • Shore program. The regatta is not only a race but also a rich program on the beach: lunches, gala dinners, various activities, bright parties every day.
  • Tours. Sibenik, where the regatta is held, is one of the oldest cities in the Adriatic, a real open-air museum, and in the immediate vicinity, there are several national parks.
  • Comfort with luxury elements. The price of the regatta already includes accommodation on comfortable yachts: with stylish cabins and lounges, fully equipped kitchens, showers and Wi-Fi. What could be more romantic than sunrises and sunsets on a yacht?
  • New acquaintances. The atmosphere of the regatta contributes to the emergence of new friends and business contacts.
  • It is possible with children! The organizers have created all the conditions for families with children to be comfortable and not boring at the regatta.
  • Extremely simple conditions for participation. According to the principle of “all inclusive”: you pay for participation and nothing else you need to worry about.

To go on a sailing adventure you need determination because there is always a certain amount of uncertainty. The yacht trip undoubtedly gives a wonderful feeling of inner freedom.

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