Buying tickets, transfer to the hotel, food, excursions and entertainment – you do not need to think about anything. Well, in order to get a rest, not like everyone else, it is worth breaking the routine and running away from the hotel to the most beautiful beach of the island! Which one We will tell.

Dominican Republic: Las Galeras Beach

Las Galeras is a small area in the northeast of the island. On the main beach, tourists are not uncommon, there are sun beds and umbrellas, sea tours are organized here, and here you can rent a mask and flippers and swim over the colorful reef. But the most beautiful places are on the side, a short walking tour along the ocean shore leads to where the only neighbours on the beach are palm trees growing right on the sand and hanging over bright blue water.

Maldives: Anantara Resort Beach on Dhigu Island

Maldive beaches are difficult to distinguish one from the other, they are all from the picture, with perfect white sand and blindingly bright blue ocean. Therefore, hotels compete with each other in who will arrange their territory more beautifully, and Anantara Resort on Dhigu Island has succeeded more than others. On the beach near this hotel, hammocks and swings are hung in the water, from which you don’t want to get down.

Seychelles: Anse Lizao Beach

Lonely Planet Guide called Anse Lizao on Praslin Island the most beautiful beach on the island and one of the best on the whole archipelago. The bay is surrounded by cliffs buried in verdure, and huge granite boulders are scattered on the white sand. Hiding behind a pile of stones, you can take a nap in the shade of palm trees and imagine that you are on a real desert island.

Greece: Elafonisi Island Beach

Beaches with pink sand frame a small island of Elafonisi, which is located a hundred meters from the southwestern tip of Crete – you can reach the ford by shallow depths. The shade of sand on the coast varies from pale pink to lilac. This colour is given to it by fragments of seashells, corals and starfish, and it can even be seen through the water column. Here is a gentle descent, a small depth and there are no high waves.

Thailand: Coral Cove Beach in Koh Samui

The most beautiful beaches of Samui are hidden in small bays that are not visible from the road. Coral Cove is one of them, with golden sand, large stone boulders and a cosy shadow from a huge tree right in the middle of the beach. Unlike other bays – this deep, literally two steps from the coast and you can swim, and thanks to the depth of the water here is a rich blue hue.

Greece: Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

The beach in the northwest of the Greek island of Kefalonia has repeatedly been recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White pebbles, washed by the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, surrounded by snow-white cliffs, make this place truly unforgettable. In addition to beauty, this beach boasts cleanliness – for several years the place has been honoured with the Blue Flag.

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